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Correct Credit Card Use

by Joseph Kenny

Having a credit card has become the norm in today's society. If you have a flippant attitude and don't use your credit card in the correct manner then you could unwittingly become deep in debt without realizing it or the implications. Looking at ways in which you can get the best use out of your credit card and keeping your spending under control may be key factors in reducing your chances of having unmanageable debt.

Paying On Time

Probably the most important thing is that you pay your bill on time, if you don't you will incur a late payment charge and have the added interest on top of your original payment. Paying the full amount of your balance every month, if you can, will prevent the cost of interest, meaning you only pay what you have spent. If you can't make the payment in full then at least paying the minimum payment is advisable but will cost you on interest the following month. If you repeatedly only pay the minimum payment every month and are still spending on your credit card you will soon find out that you seem to be getting nowhere in reducing your balance. Some credit card lenders include a minimum payment warning on their credit card statements. Do not ignore your bills. Ignoring your bills will only make your situation worse. If you are struggling to pay off your debt contacting your credit card provider to come to an agreement on paying the outstanding balance will help you get back on track.

Only Spend The Absolute Minimum

Keep you're spending to a minimum and only use your credit card for things that you need. This will help keep your debt down. Only spend what you can afford to pay back as having a credit card does not mean you have extra money it only means you can obtain and pay for things a little sooner than you would if you had to save up the money.

Avoid Cash Advances

It may be a bad idea to use your credit card to obtain money form a cash machine as this will undoubtedly mean you will be charged a higher interest rate increasing your debt further. It is too easy to think that using your card in this way is likened to having money sitting in your bank account. The reality is that it is not and you are obtaining money that you don't have. Never be tempted to use your credit card for impulse buys as you generally think about the implications after the purchase has been made.

What is Your Budget?

Have a budget and try only to spend what you can afford to pay back every month. Take responsibility for what you spend and you can have hassle free spending using your credit card without the unmanageable debt.

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About The Author: Joseph Kenny is the webmaster of the UK credit card comparison site, where you can find a selection of credit card advice that should help guide you through the credit card maze. For US visitors there is also the comparison site for all US interest free offers.