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The Web contains a great deal of information on personal finance, money management, savings and investment, real estate etc etc. Much of this information is of dubious quality and value. In the article library we have tried to select the best freely available material.

We hope that the library will become an increasingly valuable resource and to this end we invite submissions of articles pertaining to any aspect of personal finance and investment. Copyright will of course remain with the author and we are happy to link to authors' Web sites, thus providing additional traffic and helping to increase your Google PageRank. In order to maintain the quality of the library we regret that not all submissions will be published. Please if you would like to submit an article for consideration.


Predicting Stock Market Movements
The Real Scoop on Annuities - Part One
The Rally Is Coming! The Rally Is Coming!

Investment & Savings

Asset Allocation: Investing by the Numbers
Calculating Your Investment IQ
Choosing the Right Investments for You
Comparing Short-Term and Long-Term Investments
The Dow Jones Industrial Average: Failing the Average Investor
The Dow, Your Portfolio, and Aliens
Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Investment
A Guide to Indexes and Futures
A Guide to Savings Accounts
Income Investing - Why Isn't This Easy?
Investment Performance Analysis Using the Working Capital Asset Allocation Model
Investment Performance and The Working Capital Model
The Investor's Creed and Your Investment Portfolio
Ishares and ETFs: Pushing the DJIA Toward the Cliff
Just Another Credit Crunch
Predicting Stock Market Movements
The Rally Is Coming! The Rally Is Coming!
Relax, A Volatile Stock Market Is Your Dearest Friend
Seven Principles of Investment Management
Stock and Bond Trading Powers Modern Asset Allocation
Ten Common Investment Errors: Stocks, Bonds, & Management
Understanding Fixed Income Investing: Expectations
Understanding The Money Market
What Makes A Business Worth Investing In?
Working Savings into Your Budget

Pension Planning

The Real Scoop on Annuities - Part One
Ten Steps to Save Your Retirement

Stock Trading

Déjà Vu, All Over Again (and again...)
Elliott Wave Theory
Good To Know Stock Trading Information
Market Cycle Investment Management
Stock Market Investing - The November Syndrome
Value Stock Crash Reaches 50 Per Cent
Welcome to the BIG Buy Low

Online Investment

Benefits of Online Investment Research
Finding a Good Online Investment Company
A Guide to Finding Investment Opportunities Online
Money Management – The Key to Success in Online Investment

FOREX Currency Trading

Currency Trading: Finding Your Niche
What's The Fuzz About E-Currency Trading


A Basic Guide To Home Contents Insurance
Insurance Rate Methods
Protecting Your Health With Private Medical Insurance


Bridge Loans – From One Home To The Next
Cheap Personal Loans Are Not Easy Unless Significant Efforts Are Made Towards Getting It
Fast Unsecured Loans: Snapping Away Those Financial Burdens!
Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit - How They Work
No Credit Check Personal Loans: When the Best Loan Can't Offset Bad Credit
Secured Personal Loans – Employ the Right Kind of Finance
UK Student Loans Explained

Most Popular

House Flipping – How to be More successful?
Real Estate Investors – Where's the Best Deal
Defining Common Banking Terms

Real Estate

10 Tips for Successful Real Estate Property Investment
Best Investment Real Estate Locations
Buy To Let: Which Mortgage Is Right?
Categories of Real Estate Investment
Descriptive Terms in Real Estate Ads – More Definitions
Finance Your Real Estate Investment Properties
Five Top Tips When Buying Property At Auction
A Guide to Buying a New Home
House Flipping – How to be More successful?
Important Things to Know and Do When Selling Real Estate
Purchasing Your First Home
Real Estate Investing: No Lawyers, No Debt, No Plungers
Real Estate Investors – Where's the Best Deal
A Simple Real Estate Investment Plan To Make A Million Dollars or More!
Six Questions Buyers Should Ask Before Making An Offer
Who Else Wants To Buy Rental Property With Zero Down?
The Worst Real Estate Investment Strategy Ever!
Zero Down


Bridge Loans – From One Home To The Next
Comparing Mortgage Rates
Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit - How They Work
How and Why to Refinance Your Mortgage
Interest-Only Mortgages
Mortgage Rate Comparison: Mortgage Shopping Guide
Mortgages - Don’t Get Pounded By Prepayment Penalties
Variable Rate Mortgage: The Perks Of Variation

Debt Management

The Consequences of Credit Card Company Created Bankruptcy
Debt Management
Debt Secrets Credit Counseling Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Credit Ratings

How Your Credit Rating is Determined
How Your Credit Score Determines The Size Of Your Bank Account

Credit Cards

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud
The Consequences of Credit Card Company Created Bankruptcy
Correct Credit Card Use
Credit Card Minimum Payments Create Debt
Credit Card Payment Strategies: Beat Credit Card Debt Nightmares That Keep People Awake At Night


Choosing Banks and Financial Products in the UK
Defining Common Banking Terms
A Guide to Savings Accounts
How to Choose the Right Bank Account for Your Needs


Asset Allocation for Foundation and Endowment Investment Portfolios
Investment Politics 2008: What's (left) In Your Wallet?
Investor Political Priorities - A Survey
An Investor's Eye View of the Corporate Income Tax
Investors For The Fair Tax Unite
Solving Social Security is No Big Deal

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