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Purchasing Your First Home

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Purchasing Your First Home

by Emily Jackson

For many people, the purchase of their first home is one of the most enjoyable yet frustrating aspects of their life. Because it is so very important to make home buying decisions wisely, we have come up with a few pointers, shall we say to help you along your way. By all means this is not all that you need to know, but it will help get the process rolling!

-Before even looking for a home, look for the mortgage and mortgage company that you will use. Instead of getting your hopes set on a home that you later find out you can’t afford, get the mortgage end of the deal taken care of first.

-When considering a mortgage, look for several aspects. First compare interest rates on the loan. Consider the length of the term of the loan. Look for the best fees as well. Compare several options before deciding on just one.

-Then, when you are pre approved for a home loan, your loan officer will tell you just home much of a home you can afford.

-Find a qualified Realtor to help you find homes in the area that you want that are within your price range. They can help you sort out details and get the paperwork taken care of for you.

-Consider homes by area, age, and amenities. Look for homes that can be fixed to your satisfaction instead of looking for a dream home all put together. This can help you save money as well as save on the frustration of finding that perfect home.

Understanding that your home purchase is probably the single most important and expensive investment of your life is also the key to finding a home. Because you will enjoy the freedom of having your own space, it should be one that allows you comfort, space, and does not cost you more than you can comfortably afford.

The home is where the heart is, right? So, make yours comfortable and enjoyable by making it your own. When it comes time to grab that pen and sign over your life to paying off your home mortgage, make sure it is the best purchase you can make. Insuring that will make it a lot less painful to make that large payment every month!

Emily Jackson
Homes Directory

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