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A Simple Real Estate Investment Plan To Make A Million Dollars or More!

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A Simple Real Estate Investment Plan To Make A Million Dollars or More!

by: David Schneider

This is a very simple Real Estate Investment Plan that anyone can do. In fact, because it’s so simple most people won’t do it. There are only three simple steps.

>> STEP 1. Go out and borrow one million dollars.

>> STEP 2. Use the million dollars and buy one million dollars worth of well-selected real estate.

>> STEP 3. Get other people to agree to pay off the million dollar loan for you.

Sounds easy. Right? Well it is. Think about this.

In the next year, I want you to go into your real estate marketplace and see if you can find two single-family houses, townhouses or condos in a starter price range. The price range will vary depending on the area of the county that you are in. For my example, I'm going to use a range of $150,000 to $200,000 per property.

I want you to buy these two properties and you should be able to borrow most of the money needed (in some cases all the money needed) from banks, mortgage companies, sellers and other investors.

I want you to repeat the same process for a minimum of five years. At the end of the five year period you would know own ten properties worth one million or more dollars and you will owe one million or more dollars on those properties.

Now the only thing left is to find people willing to pay off your loans on those properties. Those people are all over the place and they are called RENTERS!

At the end of ten to twenty years, what will you have?

You Will Have More Than A Million Dollars Worth Of Real Estate That Somebody Else Bought You!

And not only will you have a million dollars worth of real estate you will have an income of $100,000 + from renting them out because they are all paid for.. and your income will increase as your rents increase.

If you’re saying to yourself that a million dollars isn’t enough and 100, 000 + of annual income isn’t enough, the solution is simple…. BUY MORE!

Learn how to get the money

The first step to get started is that you should learn the rules of the lenders and their programs that they have available for rental properties. To do this you should spend a few hours or more on the phone calling different lenders and asking them these questions:

What type of loan programs do they have available for rental properties? What are the down payment requirements? What is the least amount of down payment required? What does the person have to do to qualify? Do they have any creative financing options to help you buy? Do they have a maximum amount of loans that they will do with one investor? If their program doesn’t fit what your trying to do, do they know of any other lenders who have loan money on rental properties. What are their fees, interest rates, loan terms, closing costs and any other costs of the loan? Once you talk to several lenders you will develop other questions that you should ask and will get a good feel of what you need to do to get qualified to borrow the money. Don’t get frustrated! Many lenders will tell you that you can’t do it or you won’t qualify. Just keep calling more lenders and remember that lender are in the business to lend you money. If they don’t lend money they are out of business.

The other source and I believe the best source is Seller’s financing (In the form of a Contact for Deed, Installment Contract, Seller’s Mortgage). Why is this the best? Because you don’t have all the costs of a traditional lender. There are generally no loan origination fees, appraisal fees, etc. and the best part of seller financing is that everything is negotiable between you and the seller.

How do you get seller financing?… You ask the seller if they are open to it?… You ask the seller if they would like to earn more on their money than if they put it in the bank?

Learn to find the properties

Now that we have an idea about financing we have to start looking for the right properties and analyze the numbers. You want to start by trying to find smaller starter home that a young family or couple would like to live in. Here are some ideas where to look and how to find properties.

Newspaper ads Real Estate MLS system Driving through neighborhoods Advertise yourself Tell people that you are looking to buy houses.. get the word out Get business cards that tell people that you are interest in buying real estate Ask real estate agents to look for you (if you are an agent, ask other real estate agent to let you know if they know of any properties) This is a short list, but you only need to find a couple of properties a year to make this plan work and this short list will do the job. If you want to find more than a few properties a year you should expand your marketing efforts.

Ok, You have now found a property. You have ran the numbers. (Use an Investment Property Worksheet or Real Estate Analyzer Software) and it all make sense. Now is the time to make an offer to buy.

Once the offer is accepted you now want to start the third step… Find a renter who will rent out the property.

Learn to get good renters

Get permission from the seller to allow you to show the property to prospective renters before the day of closing. You should start by advertising in you local paper and contact real estate offices to let them know you have a property available for rent.

Select the best renter based on the criteria that you set up and learn to manage the property.

Repeat the process to buy more and more houses until you reach your goal.

The fastest way to learn is by doing it. This report is short and to the point and doesn’t have every single detail in it. The details you will learn as you go…The key to this is to GO and get started.

Copyright 2006 David Schneider

About The Author
Dave Schneider has been investing in real estate for over 25 years and is devoting to helping landlords make more money!. For free audio seminars, tools and information on real estate investing and being a landlord, visit this site now: